Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E3 Review

Rebecca Bunch really is the crazy ex-girlfriend now, and this week she is struggling to not be seen as that by everyone after revealing everything she did for Josh.

S3E3 "Josh is a Liar"

The episode begins with Rebecca talking to a younger version of herself. This has some really interesting moments, such as finding out a little bit more about Robert, and some insight into Rebecca's mental state (her hallucinated younger self tells her how stupid and crazy she is). Rebecca realizes that she has to drop the case, and her explanation to Paula of why, making Paula think that it's because she didn't do a good enough job, is really saddening, but it is what Rebecca would do.

Rebecca starts shouting at her hallucinated younger self in front of everyone at work, which shows how serious her hallucinations are, and that they aren't just a plot device. They are a sign of her worsening mental health. Rebecca decides that her only option is to paint Josh as a liar so that everyone doesn't turn against her. It's a very Rebecca-like move, and it's also interesting that in spreading that Josh is a liar, she is the one telling lies as often and she is saying Josh does.

Josh is confronted by his friends, and he does a horrible job of defending himself. However, this isn't all over. Josh still has the folder that Trent gave him in the season finale filled with things about Rebecca's past. This is the perfect twist to keep this story going, and I have to say great planning to the writers for planting that in the season finale.

He goes to Father Brah, who calls Paula. Rebecca, discovering this, tries to run away, because that's what she does, as shown in the season one episodes "Josh Is Going to Hawaii!" and "Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!" However, she is stopped by her friends: Paula, Heather, Darryl, and Valencia (who doesn't even get a line this week, and was absent last week). This is a great ending for the episode, leaving me dreading the seven-day wait for the next one.

In the episode's B-story, Heather finds out that she has taken every class at her college, so now she will be graduating. This challenges her identity, as she defines herself as a student. This story doesn't get much time, so it sadly doesn't get to go deeper than that. What gets even less time is George helping Nathaniel with his feelings for Rebecca, which doesn't do much interesting, though George is entertaining.

There were a couple of stand-out lines this week. The first, Rebecca talking to herself: "You need to keep your internal monologue internal starting now." The second, Paula after Rebecca says that Josh listens to public radio: "Does he listen to a different public radio, like one with pictures?" Also, Darryl was a delight in the few moments we got of him this week.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

"The Moment is Me": Heather's complete lack of enthusiasm and disgust with some of the lines singing this song is hilarious. However, that's all the song really provides us with.

"I Go To the Zoo": This is really a one-joke song, and there isn't anything else to make this song enjoyable. This is actually one of the most disappointing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs.

The main story of the episode was flawless, and if I was grading just based on that this would be an easy ten-out-of-ten. However, the subplots suffered from a lack of time dedicated to them, making them fairly simplistic, and the songs were sub-par.

Score: 9/10

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