CW Renew/Cancel: Jane is Back Towards Renewal

This week, I am reversing a decision after Friday's final ratings came in. Here's the new table:

Final Season
Certain Cancelation
Likely Cancelation
Leans Cancelation
Leans Renewal
Likely Renewal
Certain Renewal
The Originals



Jane the Virgin

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow




The Flash

Jane the Virgin adjusted up to a 0.3 after finals came in yesterday. At this point, it is neck and neck and in close range with Dynasty, so I'm putting it back in "leans renewal" territory.

Contrary to rumored reports, Dynasty currently has 13 episodes and has yet to receive a backorder of any sort. One of Dynasty's writers deleted the 22 episode tweet on Twitter, so we have to wait for confirmation of backorders in November. Until then, no prediction adjustments will be made for it. If it gets a backorder, even partial, I will surely upgrade it. If it does not, down to cancelation territory it goes.

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