The Goldbergs 100th Episode Review

It's been a strong season so far for everyone's favorite '80s family, with four solid episodes kicking off the season. But this week's episode is a huge milestone, as the totally rad ABC staple turns 100 episodes old. It feels like just yesterday that I couldn't wait for this show to premiere, and now it's already 100 episodes into its run.

The episode begins with Adam talking about his great "nerd love" with Jackie. That all comes "crashing down" when Jackie says that she doesn't like Star Wars, but she does like Star Trek. She wants them to dress as characters from Star Trek. Adam then asks Murray which movie he likes better, and he is absolutely no help. Barry is using a Ouija board with his friends, but since they're idiots, they take everything serious. Barry believes the board when it says that Lainey no longer loves him, and that ruins his life. However, he agrees to his friends that he'll no longer be calling Lainey. He promptly calls Erica and asks to speak with Lainey. Adam asks his love guru Pops to help him, but Pops tells him it's all dumb and that Adam shouldn't do anything. Beverly pops in to tell him to look at her own super healthy relationship with Murray, and to compromise. Murray then tells him to give up completely and not to listen to Beverly. Barry is at Wawa and feels like Lainey is haunting him. His friends don't believe him, but Barry continues to freak out. And then Lainey arrives at their door. Upstairs, Murray is explaining to Adam how to be a shell of a man, just like him. He tells him his techniques for dealing with Beverly, and Adam is ready to try them on Jackie. He tells her that he'll dress at Spock, and that he will watch a Trek movie with her. Beverly, however, is infuriated with Murray. Adam wrote everything down, just without vowels. Beverly cracked his "code" and knows all of Murray's tricks. Adam ruined Murray's life, but Adam doesn't care since Jackie hasn't caught on. Yet.

Adam survives the movie, but he's not happy because he still thinks Star Trek sucks. Lainey tells Barry that she still loves him, but Barry's friends try to convince them to rethink their reconciliation. They don't though, and get back together. Adam has his wonderful Spock costume on, and Jackie notices that something's up. Murray calls him to the bathroom, and they got a new, huge towel! And then everything falls apart. Adam and Jackie fight about their respective Star movies, and she storms off. At the school dance, Erica arrives to yell at Lainey for leaving her. She tells them how long-distance relationships never work, and Barry and Lainey break up. Again.

Beverly asks Pops to help with their towel crisis. He thinks they both suck (because they do), so he's obviously no help. Beverly and Murray make up, and convince Adam to compromise. He rides his bike to Jackie's to apologize, and he's even tried to learn Klingon for her. She forgives him, and even quotes Star Wars for him. In the end, he goes as Spock and she goes as Leia for trick-or-treating, so they're making it work.

This was a great episode, and my new favorite episode of the season. I couldn't stop laughing during the bathroom scene. Jeff Garlin was fantastic during that scene, and Murray had one of his best stories in a very long time during this episode. Adam and Jackie's story was great, too, and I really love Jackie, so I'm glad they were able to put aside their differences on which sci-fi film is best. The ending of their story was really great, and I'm hoping that this relationship can actually last. Barry and Lainey's story was really good too, and it's nice that they've finally gotten some closure. Pops being unhelpful and judgmental with the ridiculous issues of the couples was also really great. The Goldbergs certainly delivered a fantastic episode for this huge milestone.
My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+

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