Ghosted S1E4 Review

Don't you just hate it when- Oh wait, I did this last week.


S1E4 - 'Lockdown'

In this episode, the gang get trapped inside their headquarters after a monster wakes up and starts attacking people and yes, this does sound like the setup for a pretty standard monster movie.

I'm sure many of you viewers have noticed this but it seems like the writers are trying to make Max and Annie a couple. Planting the seed and letting it grow is a good idea but it just seems too early considering that Max is still married. Apart from that, I'm really glad to see Max being in action this week. Sure he messed up by tranquilizing Leroy instead of the monster but at least he tried. The Captain has that bad@ss vibe to her but so far she hasn't done anything to really show it off. The writers should give her an opportunity to do more than just issue commands.

Overall, it was a great episode. The idea of the monster was really good as well as the focus placed on the supporting characters was more than I have seen since the pilot. Maybe in another 2-3 episodes Barry can do something more than just be the comic relief.

Quote of the week: "I will be helping Jace the water delivery man because we have nothing to hide from him, it's a totally normal day."

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