Superstore S3E4 Review

An attempted robbery is the cause of what goes on in Cloud 9 this week on Superstore.

S3E4 "Workplace Bullying"

The episode begins with a hilarious robbery. Jonah attempts to get the guy to stop by talking to him, but he doesn't. Dina, of course, is successful in stopping him. Jonah hilariously tries to defend his lack of action, saying that the robber sets the tone. Jeff, however, tells the employees that Jonah behaved correctly in this situation and Dina didn't, which leads to Dina harassing Jonah more. After Jonah brings this up to Jeff, he gives another talk, this one about bullying.

Dina is very angry that she has been written up, and as a result she ends up challenging Jonah to a fight. In the fight, Jonah ends up getting a boner. This is a bizarre ending to the story. It's hilarious through the story though when everyone brings up "what if"s and such when Jeff talks to the staff, especially when it is ignited by a Hitler question. These scenes are always strong moments for Superstore.

Amy tries to organize a buddy system for safety reasons, and because of this she discovers that many of her co-workers participate in a trivia night. As a result, Amy tries to prove that she would be useful at trivia night. When she still isn't invited, she tries to form her own group, but when it starts to seem lame, she makes up an excuse, which is really funny.

Amy finally confronts Mateo and Cheyenne about this, and she discovers they didn't invite her because they thought she didn't want to go. She gets invited, and the ironic ending here is that it's later than she would like, so she goes, but doesn't really want to. There's also a funny moment at the end where Amy abandons Sandra, though I feel like Amy would actually care about Sandra more than that.

Garrett makes Glenn realize that he needs to fire their useless security guard. He has a hard time doing so, which is entertaining. However, it turns out that the security guard didn't realize that Glenn is firing him, and after another attempt, he gets Glenn to move him to sales. This was an enjoyable story, but it didn't really go anywhere.

This was easily the strongest episode of the season so far. Each story was strong, even though the ending of Jonah and Dina's story wasn't my favorite, and Glenn's story didn't actually go anywhere.

Score: 9/10

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