Great News Season 2 Episode 5 Review

Thus far, Great News has been my favorite show on television. Its zany characters and plot lines have helped make it a refreshing show in this day and age. It also is a weekly showcase for Andrea Martin to play a lovable nutcase, so that doesn't hurt.

The episode begins with Jessica (Cecily Strong)'s gender reveal party, and Jessica wants to know when Katie's going to move back to New Jersey. Katie explains that she loves New York, for some reason. Then the cake comes and Jessica cuts it, revealing that it's a boy. Then she sees a small box, and opens it to find that it's empty. She asks Katie to turn around, and on Katie's back, it reads "It's a Boy!" At work, Katie is talking to Carol about Jessica's Instagram and Carol tells Katie how much she loves her Instagram and how great it is that Jessica lives across the street from her parents. Then, a distracted Carol runs into a skeleton and she gets upset by the Halloween decorations that are hanging in the break room. Greg is showing off some new technology that the show has gotten, and everyone is pleased with the Genius Screen except for Chuck, who very reluctantly agrees to use it. Katie asks Portia what her plans are for the night, and when she tells her, Katie asks to come with. Portia agrees. Chuck is giving a report on US Senators and accidentally shrinks a picture of Senator Rand Paul. He then accidentally draws something that resembles a certain part of the male anatomy. Chuck is angry by what's happened, and Carol tells him and Chuck that she'll be able to get it to work. Okay, Carol. Whatever you say. Katie is having a really fun time with Portia, and one of her pictures even got a bunch of likes. She then asks Portia how much she owes her, to which Portia replies "1150." And she does NOT mean $11.50.

Katie is exhausted, but it's all worth it because of her Instagram blowing up. She asks if Portia's going out again, and Portia says she is. Don't get any ideas Katie! Carol is teaching Chuck how to use the Genius Screen, and Chuck gets injured because he's tech illiterate. Chuck says the screen's possessed, and Crazy Carol gets freaked out. She then says Candy Man, and he says it twice, and she runs off horrified. Chuck doesn't really care about Carol though, and he asks for Justin's help driving her insane. Katie continues her new hard-partying life, which is being payed for by her blood donations. Which is a great idea for so many reasons. At work, Katie gets a call from Jessica, who is carving pumpkins. She invites her to her house, but she declines because she's "going with Portia." Jessica tells her that Portia's going to a celebrity party, and Katie has no clue about it, but rolls with it anyway. Portia lets her go with.

Chuck sets his plan into motion, and when Carol arrive, many scary images appear on the Genius Screen. Carol tells Greg, and Greg doesn't believe her when she says that the dark lord Satan is living in it. But Greg does agree to get rid of it, at Chuck's insistence. At a costume shop, Katie is trying to get a one of a kind costume, but she doesn't have enough money, so she gives up her necklace to buy it. Katie is forced to use the bus to get to the party, and while on that bus, a man spills soup on her. At work, Chuck hears a sound and sees the "haunted" Genius Screen. He hits the Screen, and it asks if he'd like to restart. He REALLY wants to. Katie gets to the party, but the bouncer won't let her in because she's extremely ugly and disgusting. So she breaks in. Portia sees her, and they take a selfie. And she can't post it because of her crappy phone service. She's escorted out of the party, because she looks horrific and sounds crazy.

Chuck apologizes to Carol for tricking her via the Genius Screen, and while she's upset about him tricking her, she's proud of him for teaching himself how to use the Genius Screen. Katie is depressed about what happened, and then Jessica appears. She freaks out about her terrible life choices, and Portia tells Katie that Jessica's Instagram are faked, and that Jessica's marriage is not as perfect as it appears. Jessica then starts freaking out on her, and says that her mom Barbara is jealous of Carol. This, of course, makes Carol incredible happy and also crazy.

This was another great episode of Great News. At this point though, that's hardly surprising. This show continues to be consistently delightful, and this week's Halloween-centric stories fit this weird little show like a glove. Of course Carol would hate Halloween because of the" demons," and of course Carol would believe that the screen could be possessed. Cecily Strong's guest appearance was also really good, and I hope we get to see more of her not-as-she-appears character Jessica (and also her unborn gay son Gayson). All in all, a strong episode that was one of this week's few Halloween episodes that didn't disappoint.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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