Speechless S2E4 Review

A couple of weeks ago, Maya suggested that certain staff members be turned into aides for the new students with disabilities. This week, she trains these staff members.


Maya is determined to make the other students' future aides great, but it turns out that they are all horrible. She discovers that they can't be fired, so she decides she will make them quit. Kenneth, however, is opposed to this plan, and encourages the new aides to keep going. Maya realizes that these aides may actually have potential, and there is a great ending there where Maya learns what Kenneth said about her to them.

After Jimmy gives Ray "the talk," Maya insists that Jimmy does the same for J.J. She has a hilarious line where she says they are living in an upside-down world because Ray has a girlfriend. Jimmy takes J.J. camping, and J.J. asks if he will be able to have a wife and family. Jimmy's answer, that J.J. can do anything, then leads J.J. to do things that make Jimmy nervous. When Jimmy gets stuck, J.J. goes to get help, which is a nice resolution. This is a sweet story, though it is fairly similar to last season when J.J. ran away. In the end, Jimmy is completely honest with J.J, which is a really nice way to end this story.

Finally, the rest of the half-hour is taken up by a fun story where Dylan meets someone who is picking on Ray, and they have an amusing relationship focused on torturing Ray. There were some funny moments here, especially at the end when he breaks up with Dylan, telling her that he wants to bully someone else. There was also a nice ending where Ray tries to comfort Dylan, and get her to pick on him again, which she eventually does.

Maya's story was funny, but fairly simplistic. Jimmy and J.J's was better, but it did feel a bit like something they had done before. The strongest story of the episode was Ray and Dylan's, which was really funny and had a nice ending.

Score: 8/10

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