The Good Place S2E6 Review

This episode takes on a similar story as last week, where Chidi struggles to teach Michael ethics, as well as building off of what happened last week between Tahani and Jason.

S2E6 "The Trolley Problem"

Michael is struggling in Chidi's ethics class. Chidi works with him to try to help him get it, and as a result Michael puts Chidi into ethical dilemmas. This creates some very funny moments as Chidi is horrified by the things that he ends up doing. Eleanor realizes that Michael is torturing Chidi again, and as a result Chidi kicks Michael out of his class.

Chidi vents his frustration to Eleanor, and Eleanor sees Michael behaving like she did, so she talks to Michael. Michael decides to get everyone presents, and the presents are very entertaining. However, Chidi interprets these presents as bribes. This actually leads to a sincere apology from Michael, which is a nice resolution.

Tahani struggles with the fact that she is attracted to and had sex with Jason. It's very funny when she turns Janet into her therapist, and when she summarizes Jason's views without asking him, and that those views are that she is controlling. There is also a very funny moment here when Janet experiences a glitch and her thumb comes off.

While much of the episode didn't cause much story progression, it turns out at the end that Janet's glitches weren't just for comedy. The end of the episode takes place one month later, where Janet's glitches are potentially causing the neighborhood to be destroyed. I'm interested in seeing where this goes, and I hope it isn't resolved in just one episode.

While this episode had funny moments, it wasn't quite as funny as The Good Place has shown it can be, and the main story this week was a bit too similar to last week.

Score: 8/10

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