Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 5 Review

Will & Grace (& Jack & Karen)'s return to TV has been a successful one, both in quality and in ratings. However, one thing has been missing: Beverley Leslie. But he's finally back this week, which is amazing.

The episode begins with Will and Grace getting ready for their respective big days. Will is trying to make senior partner, while Grace is trying to land a huge client. They think these opportunities will help give them some security. Jack comes in and exclaims that he's rich.  He just won a whole thousand dollars from a scratch-off. Karen is at the country club when she notices a nice touch: a morphine drip. And then in comes Beverley Leslie! He calls Karen the Devil, she calls him a Confederate statue. Karen wants him out of her room, and Beverley won't leave. He wants help in the bed, and she pushes him in. At work, Grace is trying to convince Eli to hire her. He wants her to think about something special she can bring to the table, and then she gets a text from Will. Eli finds out Will is also gay, so we all know where this is headed.

Jack is talking to Theodore about the winning ticket, and how he scratched it. He gives Jack his dollar back. That's it. Jack has a problem with this, since it's only fair that Theodore shares. Will is at home waiting for the call on the review, and Grace comes in to tell him how he can help her seal the deal with Eli. Will isn't pleased until he learns who the client is, then he's totally sold on it. Karen and Beverley are chatting, and Beverley wants to tell her something personal. He tells her he's a homosexual, and Karen is soooo shocked. He needs help coming out to Crystal, his wife. Karen says that if he helps him, she'll get her room back, and he agrees. At Jack's work, Theodore's coffee maker hasn't arrived, and it's totally not Jack who did it. Okay, it is Jack. Jack distracts Theodore, and he tries to steal some of the money. This does not work. Will is at a meeting, and he is told that he's made senior partner. And soon, he starts to doubt whether this is something he wants. He starts crying to Eli, and Eli walks out. Good call, Eli.

Grace comes home and tells Will about a text she got from Eli, and she's not happy. She goes to find Eli, so she can fix this mess. Jack is arguing to Theodore when Tasha comes in and Jack has Theodore give her money to fix her dad's car. Karen arrives at Beverley's room, and she's ready to help him come out. Beverley has no clue what she's talking about. After all, he's way too masculine to possibly be a homosexual. Karen sends Crystal a text telling her how to celebrate her birthday, and it's not a suggestion that Beverley likes. Grace finds Eli, and she tries to convince him to pick her. However, he already did pick her, and he wants to be her only client, which she agrees to. White Diana Ross heads home, and she asks Will why he's upset. He tells her why, and says he wants surprises. So Grace offers him to work with her, and he agrees to it.

This was the best episode of Will & Grace so far this season. At first, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a Halloween episode, but they ended up delivering a strong episode either way. Beverley Leslie's return was wonderful, and I'm so happy that they got Leslie Jordan back, as I don't think there were plans for him to return at first. He brings so much humor to the show and makes Beverley Leslie the show's best recurring character (other than Rosario, of course). Jack's little storyline was very good as well, with a great ending. Will and Grace's storyline has set up a whole new direction for their lives, and I'm interested to see how they'll deal with their new boss. Megan Mullally's Karen deliver the night's strongest jokes, particularly the ones about Jeff Sessions and Harvey Weinstein, both of which made me to laugh out loud so hard that I had to pause the show.
My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+

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