Ghosted S1E3 Review

Don't you just hate it when a Succubus crashes your bachelor party?


S1E3 'Whispers'

In this episode, Max and Leroy are sent to Florida to investigate the case of a man whose heart was removed from his body without any incision. Meanwhile, Barry and Annie are tasked with spying on their boss's daughter. At the end of the episode, Max finally gets to meet his wife.

This episode was funnier than the last. The jokes were on point and we actually got an explanation for the paranormal scenario of the week while continuing with the main storyline of the show. Weirdly enough I liked Max more than Leroy this week. Not sure why exactly. My only problem with this episode was that Leroy got controlled by something and tried to kill Max, just like in last week's episode. My favourite part of the episode was when the boss's daughter used her friends to evade Barry and Annie.

Quote of the week: "Florida's for people who don't know about Hawaii"

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