BINGE REPORT: Riverdale Takes the Number One Spot

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"Riverdale" topples "Grey's Anatomy" to take the number one seed on the "Binge Report."THE CW
Riverdale (#1) toppled Grey's Anatomy (#2) for the top spot this week, as viewers have made the CW teen drama a must-watch series in its second season. The Big Bang Theory (#3) remained in its same position as last week, with viewers catching up on about 2 episodes of the hit comedy.

How to Get Away with Murder (#4) and The Flash (#5) also remained steady with last week. A new entry into the Binge Report this week is Netflix's serial crime drama Mindhunter (#6), which has swept viewers with about 4 episodes watched, due in large part to Netflix's pro-binge streaming model. Arrow (#7) moved up a couple of spots from last week, while Lucifer moved down in priority with about 1.5% of overall streams.

The popular zombie drama Fear the Walking Dead (#8) ended its third season with a bang, bringing in viewers to catch up in time for its 2-hour season finale. ABC's recently rebooted Once Upon a Time (#10) saw a slight drop from last week and could be out of the chart in the next week or two, when Netflix's Stranger Things turns viewers' lives upside down.  

*The weekly Binge Report tracks and ranks shows based on the number of episodes consumed by the millions of fans across the globe in the TV Time app. 

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