The Simpsons Season 29 Episode 4 Review - Treehouse of Horror

It's the Halloween season and you know what that means - another Simpsons Treehouse of Horror! One of my favorite Halloween traditions returns for another chapter, and I'm thrilled.

In the opening segment, Barterfinger is worried that he will be eaten, but his parents Marge Bar and Oh Homer assure him he'll stick around for while. The person picks out Senior Mints, and eats them. The next day, the entire Candy Simpson family (minus Senior Mints) is left in the bowl. The person takes them and sets them on a shelf, where they will be left forever. The entire family then eats a chocolate bunny from God-knows-when.

In segment one, The Exor-sis, the family receives a package that contains a Pazuzu statue from Iraq. Marge and Homer have no idea why it was ordered, and they decide to send it back the next day. Tonight, however, they're having a cocktail party. After Marge heads downstairs, Homer picks up Pazuzu and his eyes start to glow. Strange things start happening around Maggie's room, obviously caused by Pazuzu. Later, Maggie comes out from her room, possessed. Helen Lovejoy is the first to realize that she's a Demon, but Maggie kills her with her demonic powers. She also kills Dr. Hibbert, which prompts Ned to declare that Maggie needs an exorcism. Since Rev. Lovejoy (who is strangely non-effected by the death of his wife) has no clue how to do them, they need to call an exorcist. The exorcist (The Exorcist reboot's brilliant Father Marcus Ben Daniels) arrives, and declares that Maggie must be cut loose. He orders Pazuzu out, and soon, Maggie is back. However, Pazuzu enters Bart. The thing is, Pazuzu doesn't want to be in Bart (he has the darkest soul he's ever seen).

Segment two is a Coraline parody titled Coralisa. Lisa is upstairs in her room, wondering if she was born in the wrong family. Snowball points to a door, and then heads into it. Lisa chases after him, and  apparently he can talk (thanks to Coraline creator Neil Gaiman). He shows her to her other family. Lisa heads through the other door, and meets her "perfect" family. The Other Simpsons offer to do a little jazz number with her, and she's thrilled. She wishes she could stay forever, and Other Homer tells her that she can. They want to sew buttons on her eyes, and she runs back through the door to her room. Homer tells her that he killed a snake with her saxophone, and she heads back to the Other Simpsons and asks for buttons.  Weeks later, the OG Homer finally notices that Lisa is gone, and Marge is clearly annoyed with the police's response to the disappearance. When Homer tells Bart he'll get Lisa's homework, he too heads to the Other Simpsons to join them. Homer and Marge know that Bart went through the door, and she heads through too. Snowball tells Homer he's lost his family, and Homer joins the rest of the family in Buttonville, USA. Unfortunately, he's too ginormous to get through and needs Snowball's help to push his way through the tiny doorway. In the button world, Homer kills Button Bart. Then, Button Homer stumbles and halls onto a pair of scissors. Button Marge is super annoyed, but they apparently come to an understanding and bring all of them back to the world of the Original Simpsons.

In segment three, MMM... Homer, the kids and Marge leave and Homer is home alone. Homer eats all of the food in the house, except for the vegetables. He soon discovers a frozen hotdog, and her throws it on the grill. He takes it off and tries to cut it, but accidentally cuts his own finger off. As he screams about his finger, Santa's Little Helper grabs the hot dog. Homer's finger is sitting of the grill, and because he's disgusting, he eats it. Medium rare. He loves it, but pledges to never eat any of his body parts again. But soon, he decides to cut off his other finger and eat it, to even things out. Ned invites him over for some food, and he hates it. Ned starts to suspect that he's eating human, but Homer doesn't care how Ned feels. Back insine, Homer is creating some delicious Homeals. Soon, Marge arrives with the kids. They notice that he's lost weight, but also that he's walking strange. That night, Marge comes down to find Homer cooking his own leg. She takes him to an addiction counselor, but he won't listen, and Marge leaves him. Mario Batali arrives, and he states that he's been looking for new ingredients. And Homer is just that. After Batali cooks the remainder of Homer, a note is sent to the family. In it, Homer invites them all home. At home, Batali has turned their home into a restaurant where Homer's the main ingredient.

I've said numerous times that this is a great Simpsons season. So it makes sense that the show also delivers one of its best Treehouse of Horrors in many years this week. It's a fantastic episode with three hilarious segments and a great opening. The best segment for me would have to be the hysterical MMM.. Homer, which featured the best storyline and the best jokes. This year also saw notable guest appearances by Ben Daniels and Neil Gaiman, and both were great. This was just a great episode through and through. And it was stunning visually, as well. This episode of near perfection comes after three solid episodes, and I'm excited for what else the season will bring us.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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