Get Shorty Season 1 Finale Review

For those of you who chose Option B in the previous review, looks like you were right after all.


S1E10 'Blue Pages'

In this episode, Miles finds out that the real reason his movie was shut down was because it was the victim of an insurance scam. With the help of Amara's men, Miles goes to the head of the studio and forces him to revive the movie. Meanwhile, Amara finds Rick but surprise, surprise, doesn't kill him. Instead he manages to get back together, only to become an informant for the FBI. Lastly, Emma finds out the true nature of Miles' source of income.

For a finale, this episode was pretty tame in comparison to the last episode. Still, getting to see Miles be all badass again was great. I must say I'm surprised about how I felt when Miles found out Emma didn't want to be in the movie. That was a rather heartbreaking moment, possibly the highlight of the whole episode. The second best moment was probably seeing Louis alive and recovering.

Overall, this show was pretty good. Seeing Chris O'Dowd transition from IT nerd to movie producer was initially odd for me but it ultimately worked out because like I said above, he was a badass. Ray Romano however, was disappointing. Drama doesn't really seem to suit him. I thought he might do better than his time on Vinyl but sadly I was mistaken. The main highlight of this entire show however, was Sean Bridger's who pretty much made this show for me. He wasn't very important on his previous show, Deadwood, but he managed to shine on this show and I thank Epix for giving him the opportunity to do so. As for the rest of the cast, they were all good too except for Yago. Screw that guy. I also must thank Davey Holmes, creator and writer of the show for providing a unique spin on Elmore Leonard's novel which was as good, if not better than the 1995 movie.

The last few minutes of the episode provided a decent setup for the next season but whether or not I actually watch it next year depends on my schedule and level of interest. For now, this is my last review for Get Shorty.

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Quote of the finale: "You want to survive the next few hours? You should reexamine your relationship with the truth"

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