The Middle S9E3 Review

This week, the Heck parents meet Lexi's parents, who have a lot more money than they do.

S9E3 "Meet the Parents"

Thanks to getting rid of the pool, the Hecks now have a large mud hole in their back yard. Frankie and Mike discuss what to do about it, and it's hilarious when they decide on Thursday and Frankie says "That's not the day we're doing it, that's the day we're picking the day to pick the day to do it." Frankie and Mike meet Lexi's parents, who are very rich. Frankie worries about meeting them, but when she does she loves them. Mike, however, is not a fan of Lexi's dad, who he believes is making power plays.

Being competitive, Mike gives Sue five dollars, and it's hilarious when she treats this as a huge deal. Frankie tries to get Mike to admit that he's jealous of the couple, and it's great when she tells him it's okay to admit he has emotions. Mike finally admits that he's jealous, and this leads to a sweet moment where Frankie proves how much she loves Mike, saying that anyone could be happy with a lake house, but she's happy with her mud hole guy.

In the episode's other story, Brick tries to participate in an event at the school where students are "arrested" and their friends bail them out for charity. However, Brick has no one to bail him out. In the end, he has to call Sue, which he isn't happy about, but there is a sweet moment at the end between the two siblings. I really liked the ending of this story, but the rest wasn't that great, and French Stewart's principal character seemed oddly placed into it.

Both stories had great endings, but they took different paths in getting there. The main story was stronger, though it wasn't one of the show's strongest stories. Brick's story had a couple of good moments (such as Sue not being remembered as Sue), but was mostly fairly weak. Also, Axl did very little this week.

Score: 7/10

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