The Middle S9E4 Review

It's The Middle's final Halloween episode this week, and this year Frankie and Brick investigate a murder mystery, while Sue is a third wheel to Axl and Lexi.

S9E4 "Halloween VIII: Orson Murder Mystery"

Frankie discovers that before they lived there, a woman died in their house. Frankie and Brick read old newspaper articles to find out more about it. It's funny that Frankie is convinced the husband murdered her, and funny when Frankie explains to Mike that they are calling this case number one.

Things lead Frankie and Brick to the sister of the woman who died, and there are some very funny moments in this interaction, like when Frankie tells the woman that she doesn't remember telling them her sister's name because she's old. There's also a funny ending when a call that Frankie made earlier causes it to be revealed that they have been underpaying for water for twenty years.

Sue won't leave Axl and Lexi alone, even though they obviously want her to. She embraces her role as the third wheel, and literally dresses up as a wheel. This is really funny, though Sue does end up going a bit over-the-top, even for Sue. There is a sweet ending here to, where Axl tells Sue that he enjoys having her around sometimes.

The main story this week was very enjoyable. It had a lot of funny moments, and the ending was the type of thing that would of course happen to the Hecks. Sue and Axl weren't all that funny this week, but still enjoyable.

Score: 9/10

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