The Good Place S2E7 Review

Pobody's nerfect, and that includes Janet, even though the non-robot is also not a person, as she is glitching.

S2E7 "Janet and Michael"

A flashback at the start of the episode shows when Michael got Janet. D'Arcy Carden is hilarious here, even more than she usually is, as a yet-to-be activated Janet and as a Bad Janet attempting to pretend being a Good Janet. Another flashback shows how Janet gave Michael the idea of filling the "Good Place" with frozen yogurt places.

Michael works on figuring out what's wrong with Janet, and after Tahani and Jason come looking for Janet, the room they are in momentarily disappears. Janet discovers that she has gained the ability to lie, which she hilariously experiments with. Michael informs Janet of her marriage to Jason after her first reboot, and it's really nice that this plot point has come back.

Janet says that, as a result, she has to self-destruct, and Michael will have to get a new Janet. Michael insists that she can't destroy Janet, highlighting his complicated relationship with Janet. She's not a person or anything, but she is still Michael's friend, and they have been through things together.

Since this is a human problem, Michael decides to turn to their "most problematic human," Eleanor. After talking with Eleanor, Janet decides to create a person to be her rebound boyfriend. This is a hilarious solution to Janet's problems, which is also likely to create additional problems in the future.

This was a hilarious episode, and I loved how it focused on Michael and Janet, a different focus than usual. It also was the show's greatest use of its flashbacks, showing the unique and entertaining relationship between the architect and the non-robot. This episode also gave D'Arcy Carden a chance to shine, and did anyone ever doubt that she would?

Score: 10/10

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