Modern Family S9E2 Review

Modern Family will have two kids off at college this year, and this episode sees both of them at college, one for the first time, and the other causing her parents to realize how much she has grown up.

S9E2 "The Long Goodbye"

Manny is going off to college, and he wants to avoid a goodbye that's too emotional. Gloria reluctantly agrees, and they succeed at first, but things get more complicated when Manny has to run home to get something, and then when Jay and Gloria both individually return to Manny's dorm with things. The ending here is really sweet, whenever Jay gets emotional it's always a great moment. It's also funny when each of Manny's roommates end up going elsewhere.

Kids growing up is also the theme of Alex, Claire, and Phil's story. Phil and Claire visit her because they are concerned, but discover that they are concerned about the wrong things. Phil playing rock-paper-scissors with the robot is hilarious, and both Claire and Phil get some solid physical comedy in when they have to go through an air shower to get to the room that Alex is in.

Haley is now working with, or technically for, Luke at the country club, but she ends up meeting someone who she sees as her future self, played wonderfully by Vanessa Williams. The scene where Haley has to decide between Luke and her is set up in a clever way, where the two serve as an angel and devil on each shoulder, though the show has done this joke before.

After a fire in their kitchen, Mitch and Cam have to remodel the room. Mitch is convinced that Cam is responsible for the fire, intentionally setting it, either consciously or subconsciously, because he wanted to remodel it. However, Mitch ends up discovering that he is responsible. There are some funny moments here, such as when Mitch asks "Which is it, fun or like camping?" but the story feels like one the show has done before.

Manny's story was the highlight of this week's episode for me, though it was closely followed by Alex's, primarily because of Ty Burrell's performance. Haley's was enjoyable as well, with its strongest part being Vanessa Williams, and Mitch and Cam's was okay.

Score: 8/10

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