Superstore S3E5 Review

Halloween has returned to Cloud 9 (which includes Dina's popular police officer costume), and this year it comes with a murder mystery.

S3E5 "Sal's Dead"

At the start of the episode, a dead body is found, which is quite the start. It's funny when everyone realizes that they don't care when they find out that it's creepy Sal who died. I don't understand, however, how the body could have been in the walls of the store for a year when a tornado destroyed the store a few months earlier.

Glenn tries to keep customers from seeing the dead body before the coroner gets there, but he is very unsuccessful in doing so, and the coroner is taking a while (there is a very funny part where Dina talks to the coroner over the phone). Dina mistakenly thinks that a customer dressed up as a coroner is the coroner, which leads to some funny dialogue.

Amy, criticizing dating apps, takes a look at one on Jonah's phone, and hilariously treats it like a game. She accidentally swipes right on the new Cloud 9 employee, and it's great when her and Garrett try to figure out how they are supposed to resolve this.

Amy is awkward around the two, which is entertaining, and it's very funny when she sends a message as Jonah and then reasons that they might not run into each other in the store because there are dozens of aisles. Amy keeps texting as Jonah, and it gets worse, which is very funny. Jonah and her end up talking, and they fool Amy. It was a nice way to wrap up the story, not letting it get too out-of-hand.

Mateo wants to go to a wedding that's out of the country, but can't because he's undocumented. Cheyenne comes up with a solution, and makes him look like Sal. His behavior, however, then becomes like Sal's, which is very funny. Nico Santos does a great job here, this is a stand-out episode for him.

This was the best Superstore episode so far this season. Once again, the show did a great job with Halloween, with this episode having three great stories.

Score: 10/10

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