The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 4 Review ’Wisconsin’

***Spoilers Ahead***


Will Forte (right). photo: FOX

With the departure of their two newest additions, The Last Man on Earth goes back-to-the-basics in 'Wisconsin' and focuses on the main ensemble and their struggles in the new environment. At first glance, the episode doesn't seem to accomplish much but it attempts to disassociate itself from filler status by the final act.

The main plot of the episode revolves around the three couples living in separate areas in Zihuatanejo. As expected, Carol feels very uneasy about the situation and things escalate when she finds out that Todd & Melissa have had dinner with Gail & Erica. Overall, this is a very tedious plot. There isn't anything particularly funny outside of one isolated bit and it doesn't manage to advance the story in any way. The one redeemable moment of comedy is when Tandy is goofing off at the junkyard with Jasper in tow. It was reminiscent of the engaging sight gags that were littered throughout the pilot and the first season.

But, while 'Wisconsin' doesn't really have much to offer, the last five minutes make the rest of the episode somewhat worthwhile. After having A LOT of sex with Melissa, Todd ends up having a heart attack and collapsing in the middle of a convenience store. For any other show, the suspense would only be minimal since I would know that they wouldn't kill off a main character. But, a part of me really expected Todd to die. Of course, he did make it out alive through the help of the group, but it's not easy for a half-hour comedy to create such high stakes. So, while most of the episode wasn't great, Last Man managed to show that, four seasons in, it still has some tricks up its sleeve.

For the most part, 'Wisconsin' wasn't an interesting episode. The plot didn't allow much room for comedy and the payoff only came in the final moments. The good news is that there will be new possibilities since the crew will be moving into a mansion in the next episode.

Stray Thoughts
  • Apologies for the super late review!
  • So, what's up with Jasper? Seriously, he hasn't done anything.
  • The closure song was great the first time and still funny for the next two times, but the joke is starting to get old.
  • How did they get that "attraction" scene in the junkyard past the FCC?

Grade: C

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