Me, Myself & I Season 1 Episode 3 Review

This week's Me, Myself & I focuses on the birthday of Alex, Alex, and Alex. Let's hope it goes well for all of them.

1991 Alex is given a signed Michael Jordan rookie card by Ron for his birthday, and upon seeing Nori at school, he immediately offers it to her for her father. She's thrilled, but Young Alex immediately realizes he's made a huge mistake. He realizes this even further when Ron shows him a new display case he got for the card. He and Justin have a plan though. Justin will forge a signature on a new card, and they'll swap it out at Nori's. They set their plan in action, and they head to the Sterling home. They make an excuse up to get inside, and quickly swap it out. They don't have long though, since Nori's dad is on his way. Their mission is a successful one though, and they get the real card back.

2017 Alex celebrates his birthday with Abby by shooting hoops at the arcade. Soon, however, he ends up making a promise to her that he simply couldn't make: he tells her she can go glamping with some friends. It's really expensive, and he doesn't have any money. He doesn't know what to do, and unfortunately he settles on selling his Michael Jordan card. He tells Ron this, and Ron is proud that Alex took something that was meant to give a young Alex joy and used it to give his young daughter joy. He's just happy to always have the video of young Alex receiving the card, as that's what brings him joy.

2042 Alex wakes up on his birthday to the news that Abby will not be taking part in their usual  birthday hoop ritual because she's busy at work. He's upset by this, but soon enough, he comes to terms with it. He goes to the arcade to play hoops by himself, and he is soon greeted by Abby. She was working, but not on her job. She got Alex a gift: a signed Michael Jordan rookie card. She also brings California Governor Justin in, and he is also very happy about the card.

This was an amazing episode. It was easily the best so far, and it was really sweet. The three storylines worked better tonight than they ever had, and I'm really growing attached to this show. The leads all do a great job on the show, and I really was tearing up at the end. Also, Happy Birthday Alex!
My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+
Timeline of the Week: 1991

What did you think of this episode of Me, Myself & I? Let me know in the comments below!

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