Get Shorty S1E9 Review

If you worked for a mob boss and you lost 4 million dollars of her money, would you:

A) Run for the hills
B) Calmly negotiate with her

If you chose B, then you clearly haven't been watching the same show I have.


S1E9 - 'Turnaround'

In this episode, Miles, Louis and Rick all go into a frantic state. Miles and Louis try to take the movie to another studio while Rick goes into hiding inside the woods. Meanwhile, April tries to find out why the movie shut down production while Amara's crew tries to find Miles and Rick.

Game of Thrones tends to usually have the penultimate episode of every season contain some kind of big event and it looks like Get Shorty has taken a page out of Game of Thrones' handbook. Overall the episode was pretty good although I really wasn't interested in Rick's time at his cabin. My main reason for loving the episode was the surprising fight Miles and Louis got into with Yago's men and the events that occurred afterwards. Louis being injured had me screaming internally and praying for his survival. The flashbacks were a nice little touch but the ending was kind of expected considering Miles' condition from the fight. Still I'm really excited for the finale and hopefully this season can end on a good note. (Mostly hopeful for Louis, because he is awesome)

Quote of the week: "Going Dutch on an abortion?"

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