Get Shorty S1E8 Review

Oh sure Louis, coffee and alcohol are a big no-no for you but killing is OK?


S1E8 'Shooting on Location'

Shooting finally begins on The Admiral's Mistress and problems have already made themselves evident. The lead actress on the film turns out to be a horrible actress and someone lights the set on fire. Meanwhile Rick starts feeling afraid after finding out Amara had all her past lovers killed and Louis finally gets it on with Gladys but not in a conventional way.

I really like the fact that they started shooting. Midway through the show I started thinking that shooting would start in the next season like what happened with Entourage season 4 but fortunately that wasn't the case. Perhaps my favourite part of this episode was the plot twist at the end. I really didn't see it coming especially since it kinda came out of nowhere but this makes me really excited for the last 2 episodes of the season. The scene where Miles and Louis contemplate the death of the actress comes as a close second.

Quote of the week: "Well, I'll fire him and find an actor who likes to party"

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