CW Renew/Cancel: Valor is Likely to be Canceled, Already!

Hey folks! Welcome to the first official installment of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch of the 2017-18 season. Two shows on the CW lineup have premiered so far, so I have initial predictions for them.

Final Season
Certain to be Canceled
Likely to be Canceled
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
The Originals


Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


The Flash

Valor: This show premiered DOA, to a 0.3 A18-49 rating. Already, it is likely to be canceled, but things can change as more data points are added. The only thing that is keeping me from going "certain to be canceled" at this point is because like Dynasty, the show is produced by CBS Studios. Furthermore, the show does not have a streaming deal, but rather a traditional international television deal. At this day and age, the CW's streaming deals carry much more weight in the prediction factor. Dynasty has a US-24 international streaming deal with Netflix, and depending on the premiere rating, this may sway more positive for it.

And now for the obvious!

Supergirl: The show premiered to a 0.5 last night for its third season premiere. This is mediocre for the CW, but it is in its third season. Supergirl is certain to be renewed for a fourth season no matter what ratings it gets. It will have the number of episodes for an automatic renewal.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & Legends of Tomorrow: I have also started these shows at a "certain renewal" prediction. They are also entering their third seasons. On the CW, limited third and fourth season shows get renewed no matter the number of episodes or ratings, which is probably why iZombie is in season 4, The 100 is in season 5, and The Originals's fifth season is the final season.

The Flash: The Flash's 1.0 premiere could very well be the highest rating on the CW this week. I'm starting this prediction at "certain to be renewed".

Overall, things could get very interesting the next few days and weeks. This is bound to be a long season and things are getting started!

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