Get Shorty S1E3 Review

You would think that with Rick being the moral compass, he would do something about Miles and his illegal activities.

But you would be wrong.


S1E3 - 'The Yips'

In this episode, Miles tries to get studio executive April Quinn to fund the movie despite Rick's disapproval while Amara gets involved in a gang war in her town.

This episode felt a bit better than the last, and I finally got a taste of what I wanted from this show. Some good old fashioned Hollywood politics. I'm glad that they put some focus on supporting characters like Amara and Katie's boyfriend. I still could not care less about Amara's nephew Yago though. I get that he's meant to be unlikeable but he is so unoriginal. Kudos to Megan Stevenson for her performance of April Quinn. Her facial expressions were hilarious. My favourite part of this episode was when Louis breaks into April's house to find some blackmail on her (literally).

Quote of the week: "I don't have people in LA, but I think my people got people in LA."

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