2012-13 Sitcom Scorecard -- Nerds Rule and Reality TV Drools

Written Elated Nerds and Sitcoms Took a Reality Revenge by Bridger Cunningham

Image result for big bang - fightThe 2000's left sitcoms bullied yet again by the latest popular fad, Reality TV.  The nerds, aka sitcoms, tried to party quietly, and Reality TV let a slew of swines to swag through their soiree.  Then, the nerds, ....err the sitcoms took their revenge, led by The Big Bang Theory.  They raided the Thursday sorority house, led by uber popular American Idol.  After raiding their unmentionable ratings, ABC counterpart Modern Family left something itchy in the saddle of AI's Wednesday helping which outperformed the tiring franchise.  The sitcom nerds declared there were more of them than the trendy Reality TV shows, and the sitcoms prevailed.  CBS delivered as the champ in both sitcoms and overall performance, and the other networks scattered performances elsewhere.  NBC took 2nd in overall 18-49 demos whilst failing as the loser on the sitcom front.  FOX took 3rd in both helpings, and ABC trailed in 4th overall, only taking a victory with its sitcoms showing signs of regenerating.

CBS Mondays performed just dandy this season, but the network demanded more.  They juxtaposed The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men at 8pm on Thursdays under the transparent guise of having "the two biggest sitcoms on this night."  The strategy worked as they shoved their way into newly charted territory, pinching out NBC's Must-See-TV.  Over on Monday, How I Met Your Mother led the evening, followed by failed clunkers Partners and Made in Jersey.  Then an insulting, afterthought of an ending to durable Rules of Engagement.  2 Broke Girls delivered steady, as did Mike and Molly.

ABC built modest success on Wednesdays with Modern Family redefining standards.  The Middle delivered a modest performance, and Suburgatory held, okay.  Elsewhere, poindexters, dweebs and geeks couldn't crack the Greek standard of The Middle and MF.  Last Man Standing made a bold move to Friday evenings with modest success, followed by what would begin a slew of failures to follow, starting with Malibu Country and odd showings of social misfit Happy Endings.

FOX Sundays delivered strong, and Tuesdays gave their mediocre best piggybacking on New Girl.  The Mindy Project performed modestly, and Raising Hope continued to lose Nielsen steam.  NBC made a hot mess as the 2000's popular remains had their day and faded.  The Office and 30 Rock bowed out after successful runs, leaving Community and Parks and Recreation to fend for themselves with critical popularity saving their soft demos.  Sophomores Up All Night and Whitney were shown the door, and not a single freshman pilot exited the series with a return invitation to NBC's formerly popular sorority house.

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