2013-14 Sitcom Scorecard -- Brooklyn 9-9 Kicks Off The Sitcom-Heavy Glass Schedule

Written Appreciating a Joke Peralta Debuted on FOX by Bridger Cunningham

Image result for brooklyn 99After countless seasons of senseless reality TV and gameshows, the networks attempted to return to their roots with a heartier helping of sitcoms.  The math failed, as 18 of the 38 earned a return fare (one ended, the other moved to TBS).  Success stories were a slow build as the season's three breakout sitcoms -- Brooklyn 99, The Goldberg's and Mom, all debuted to mediocre ratings and exhibited substantial growth the following season.  Duplicate and encore (glorified repeats) comprised 10 additional places, bringing 48 total helpings of sitcom delights (and drudges).

Expressed interest in augmenting sitcom space could not prevent the comedy hills from running red with cancellation as the networks had a high body count due to poor scheduling.  Let's take a moment of silence for this season's casualties, whether to mourn or feign relief --

ABC -- Super Fun Night, Back in the Game, Mixology, Trophy Wife, Suburgatory and The Neighbors.

CBS -- How I Met Your Mother (Final Season), The Crazy Ones, Friends with Better Lives, We Are Men and Bad Teachers.

FOX -- American Dad (moved to TBS), Dads, Enlisted, Surviving Jack and Raising Hope.

NBC -- Growing Up Fisher, The Michael J. Fox Show, Community and Sean Saves the World.

What Worked -- CBS sent How I Met Your Mother out with great mileage and also gave clunkers The Crazy Ones and Th Millers a chance in post-Big Bang soil.  ABC took a bold stroke and folded up the ailing Tuesday Dancing With The Stars and allowed The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife, albeit to failed results.  Both had great potential and belonged on Wednesdays, and perhaps ABC represented clunkers like Back in the Game, Super Fun Night and Mixology were weaker and used the better to anchor a new night.

What Didn't -- Sloppy scheduling sinks sitcoms.  CBS committed the greatest assault and moved sturdy tail-end Mike and Molly to 2nd class scheduling, causing permanent damage and disruption.  We Are Men harmed its book ends and was yanked early, forcing another move for 2 Broke Girls and nearly drowning Mom into the sauce.  NBC held on fiercely to Thursday scheduling, getting trounced by the other networks as all but Parks and Recreation was the only survivor.  ABC missed the mark on Wednesdays, and Suburgatory paid the price as it may have presented Last Man Standing a decent companion.  Only FOX exhibited enough clarity with its scheduling choices.

Rising Stars -- The Goldbergs screamed until they found their audience, and Mom sobered up viewers when it bested dizzying The Crazy Ones for renewal.  And Brooklyn 99's Golden Globe win in 2014 kicked through trite politics.

Gone But Not Forgotten -- Suburgatory met a premature end at 57 episodes, and Trophy Wife never stood a chance due to lackluster scheduling.  These shows deserved better.  And Raising Hope bowed out quietly, albeit with a fitting end.

How This Season Changed Sitcom Fortunes -- After a high level of failure and breakthrough performances, the networks reassessed their puzzle pieces and constructed stronger schedules the following year.  ABC wisely moved Goldbergs to Wednesday, CBS gave Mom some post TBBT-TLC, and FOX offered Brooklyn 99 the plum Simpsons/Family Guy valley on Sundays at 8:30.  ABC struggled to colonize Tuesdays until 2016, and 2017 sadly spelled the end of Friday multi-cam fares.  CBS has yet to learn too many moves kill franchises yet always returns to its comedy roots.  After Thursdays crumbled, NBC took a break from comedies on Thursdays ad is poised to make another bold stroke this season.  The following season saw ABC and FOX bulk up on comedy while NBC and CBS curbed back.  Either way, the three critical darlings flourished in the years following.

Source -- http://deadline.com/2014/05/tv-season-series-rankings-2013-full-list-2-733762/

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