2011-12 Sitcom Scorecard -- 2 Broke Girls Offer a Modern Bang for Two and a Half Men

Written Hailing a Sitcom Renaissance by Bridger Cunningham

Image result for 2 Broke GirlsAfter a decade of hardship which was no laughing matter for sitcoms, 2011-12 presented the first signs of the genre's rebound.  Charlie Sheen nearly destroyed CBS flagship Two and a Half Men, being fired after a haughty war of words more vulgar than the male toilet humor vessel.  As predicted, the opening featuring replacement Ashton Kutcher delivered unspeakably high ratings.  How did CBS capitalize on this windfall?  They balanced the gender dominance and showed women could be just as filthy via 2 Broke Girls.  Their strategy paid off, and all of their sitcoms ranked toward the top of their genre.  CBS ruled the the sitcom genre by a wide margin as Lorre's filth became something to flaunt..

ABC held the trophy of highest-rated sitcom by one-hundredth of a measure, and that is where the accolades stopped.  The remainder covered the middle to the bottom of the pack as the network overall sank to 4th Place amidst decline.  FOX championed New Girl as its latest hit as sitcoms mirrored ABC's performance.  And NBC, while sophisticated and crafty, found their sitcoms in the back of the pack.

So how did the sitcoms do this season?  A Modern Family found a Big Bang from Two and a Half Men as their 2 Broke Girls showed the New Girl How I Met Your Mother.  The mother stated some Family Guy called Mike and Molly to Rob The Office The Simpsons was written which they discussed The Rules of Engagement for Happy Endings.  Also lectured was How to Be a Gentleman by Napoleon Dynamite, as well as an American Dad warning his charge "Don't Trust the B---- In Apartment 23 if you want to be the Last Man Standing."  Raising Hope for the Cleveland show getting out of Suburgatory, they were stuck in The Middle of staying Up All Night or enjoying Parks and Recreation.  Whitney and Allen Gregory found a way to make 30 Rock if you say I Hate My Teenage Daughter and Man Up!  For Bob's Burgers to Work It in your Community, avoid becoming a Cougar Town and ask "Are You There Chelsea" as you are Breaking In Bent on being Best Friends Forever.


CBS rocked a dynamic Monday, as well as The Big Bang Theory moving to uncharted territory on Thursday for the Tiffany network.  FOX Sundays delivered strong, and New Girl helped anchor Tuesdays.  ABC Wednesdays held a slope effect as Modern Family peaked and the remains sloped on each side.  Tuesdays were quiet as FOX outperformed.  NBC Thursdays remained abysmal albeit creatively superior.

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