The Middle S8E16 Review

This week, it's spring break for Axl and Sue, and Lexi comes to the Hecks' house.

S8E16 "Swing and a Miss"

Sue brings Lexi over to the Hecks' for spring break, and it's entertaining to see Lexi react to the house, in comparison to her own. Sue discovers that Lexi likes Axl, and she has a hilarious reaction to this. Things go wrong for Lexi as she tries to impress Axl, and she starts having allergic reactions to things. When Axl annoys Sue later, she accidentally reveals that Lexi likes Axl. Axl goes to a party to talk to Lexi, and there he runs into Devon.

Mike's quarry team struggles in their softball game, so he recruits the gym teacher who needs a second job. However, when Mike hurts his back during the game, he gets benched. Everything goes back to normal when the gym teacher gets poached by another team. This story was very simple, and not funny.

Frankie tries to figure out why Nancy told her that she should be proud. Brick can't think of anything, but Frankie later discovers that Brick made the National Honors Society. She has something going on the day of the ceremony, but shows up when Brick points out how she never comes to anything, she goes all-out.

This is the weakest episode of The Middle yet, and by a lot. There were a couple of funny moments in Sue's story and in Frankie's, but neither story was that great, and Mike's story was very bad. The title was fitting for "Swing and a Miss".

Score: 4.5/10

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