Bull S1E16 Review

A skydiving accident is the reason for this week's case on Bull. But was it an accident?

S1E16 "Free Fall"

Bull decides to oppose Liberty, the lawyer they worked with in the pilot episode, in a case where a skydiving business is being sued, which Marissa is opposed to. Bull wants to help defend the business. He believes that the parachute that failed due to sabotage, not neglect. It is entertaining when Liberty and Bull talk before court begins, and again when Marissa gets excited about Liberty's strategy in jury selection. She is able to get rid of most of the people that Bull wanted on the jury, except one. The team realizes that one juror is very similar to Bull, which is a good moment. They decide to re-trace the steps, but when in the air Bull doesn't want to jump.

The team tries to figure out who murdered the governor, and the new governor is being loved by the jury, until they figure out why he moved his office, and that reason gives him motive. After this, Liberty gets upset at Bull. All of the jurors seem convinced except the one that's like Bull, which is an interesting new layer. Liberty accuses the owner of the business of sabotaging the parachute, and Bull believes that she is correct.

Bull tells the owner's brother that he has to read a statement, but he is unable to, as he gets emotional. It turns out that it was the brother that is responsible for the death, not the owner. The brother turns himself in, and Bull asks the widow to drop the case, because all that's left of the company is the daughter. Bull credits Liberty for pointing the finger in the right direction. Benny discovers that he might have gotten someone innocent sent to jail, and that person has been there for nine years. At the end of the episode, Bull faces his fears, and tries out skydiving.

I didn't care so much for the story that Danny had this week, it was nothing very interesting. But the rest of the episode was great, with some great juror focus, and the great dynamic with Liberty.

Score: 9.5/10

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