Designated Survivor Season 1 Spring Premiere Review

Designated Survivor has returned from its long mid-season break to finally reveal who was shot in the final seconds of its fall finale.

S1E11 "Warriors"

For a moment Kirkman thinks that Alex has been shot (which was my guess), but it turns out that he was. I'm glad that the show gets to this quickly, and doesn't waste time. With Kirkman having been the one who was shot, it is obvious that he will live, and the show also doesn't waste any time here, with Alex quickly informing the others that he should be fine. The show also doesn't cover territory here already covered by The West Wing, which I thought was a possibility. Hannah is accused of being involved in a conspiracy to kill the president, which I don't understand because she shot towards the building where the shooter was.

It turns out that Kirkman isn't as alright as we had originally thought, and he has to go into surgery. During this, MacLeish will be acting president. as Kirkman will be enacting the 25th amendment. Kirkman talks to Hookstraten before going into surgery, and tells her too look out of MacLeish, because he believes that her heart is in the right place. Hannah is asked about the information she had about MacLeish, and she refuses to give that information to anyone but Kirkman.

Hannah is informed that MacLeish is president, which worries her. So, she sends the person that the president sent to talk to the person she trusted in the previous episode. MacLeish insists that the shooter is killed, rather than taken alive. A flashback reveals when Kirkman made the decision to accept the cabinet position. He was unsure about it, but Alex was enthusiastic about it. In the present, she is struggling with that memory, because if he ended up not surviving, she would probably end up feeling responsible.

Alex talks to Leo over the phone, and it seems odd that the kids weren't at the hospital at any point, and that he hadn't appeared until now. The stock market is hurting due to MacLeish's decision to keep it open, but Kirkman fixes things by waving to people. Typing that sentence it sounds like a joke, but it wasn't. Hannah is brought in to talk to Kirkman, and it's about time! They have had way to little screen time together.

I loved the beginning of the episode, but from there not too much was accomplished. Also, neither of the show's two best characters, Kirkman and Hannah, got all that much screen time, because the former was in surgery for much of the episode, and the latter in custody for the whole episode.

Score: 8/10

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