Wayward Pines Season 2 Finale Review

After significant improvement last week, I came into the finale not with season one level expectations, but still expecting a good show. Here is what I got.

S2E10 "Bedtime Story"

In the first act, all that really gets accomplished is Theo trying to save Jason. In the second act, we get a hilarious moment with Arlene, and then we get Theo and CJ talking about who to leave behind and who to take. Kerry discovers the disgusting truth that Jason did last week, and I think she had a more fitting reaction.

It is revealed that families are not all able to go together, with a father being shown left behind. Frank as well his left behind, and he is beaten by an officer when he tries to join his sister. Chaos descends upon Wayward Pines, though not by the abbies, but by those left behind.

Theo plans to sacrifice himself to the abbies, similar to how Ethan did so last season, though Ethan's sacrifice was at the last moment, while Theo's is much more methodical and planned. Kerry, instead however, sacrifices herself, which is fitting for a character who never really fit in and found happiness. The ending feels very incomplete, with many questions and no answers about the future of the human race.

I did not enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed last week's episode. It was an alright episode. If Wayward Pines returns next summer, I will continue to watch, but quicker to give up on the series if it doesn't impress.

What did you think of "Bedtime Story"? What were your thoughts on season two? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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