Person Of Interest Series Finale Review

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I should have known it wasn't gonna be so easy to kill off Samaritan. But I didn't expect it to be such an emotional ride.

S5E13 'Return 0'


The episode begins with Harold having a chat with The Machine while in pain because of a gunshot wound. He asks The Machine about the meaning of life, which to his surprise had forgotten it,(I found his reaction rather humorous) Ice 9 due to its deterioration thanks to Ice 9. She then tells him that to understand the meaning of life, she first had to understand human beings for which she needed to form connections.

The episode then shifts to the point before Harold gets shot, where Reese and Fusco are captured by the police after they get in trouble, but Harold rescues them. He then takes them to the subway where he tells Fusco to guard the machine with Shaw while He went to destroy Samaritan's backup with Reese at the Federal vault.

After breaking into the vault, Harold gets shot while he tries to implant the Ice 9 into Samaritan but it escapes through his laptop and tries to hitch onto a satellite. Harold then decides to transfer the virus through the same satellite. He leaves Reese trapped in the vault for his own safety and walks away after providing his last words about their long partnership.

At the same time, Shaw manages to get the train running to escape the Samaritan agents but Jeff Blackwell manages to get on board. After subduing him, Shaw looks at his weaponry and realises that he is Root's killer. Before Shaw can act on her emotions, Jeff gets free and stabs Fusco. He then escapes, leaving Shaw to take Fusco to safety.

Harold finally reaches the building where the transmission is happening and has his conversation with the machine about existence. The Machine finally remembers what she learnt and tells Harold what a cop once said on a rough day. Harold then realises that he was at the wrong building since there's no satellite and looks up to see Reese at the actual building. Reese reveals that he and The Machine had a standing agreement to save Harold at any cost. Reese convinces Harold to leave the transfer of Ice 9 to him and bids Harold farewell. In the end, Reese is killed but he manages to also take down Samaritan as well. Harold goes back to be with Grace in Italy and Fusco survives but remains injured while Shaw hunts down and  kills Jeff Blackwell for Root. The Machine manages to restart itself with its remaining copy and calls a phone line near Shaw who answers it, giving us hope that she will continue the good work started by Harold and Reese.

I felt that this was a good way to end the series. Even though they weren't given a full season, Greg and Jonathan did the best they could in their situation. I feel like this has been the best season overall, as the stakes were high and it ended in a satisfying manner. It may not have been a happy ending for everyone but they got what they deserved, especially Root and Reese, who died for something they believed in. As someone who has been a fan since the first season many years ago, I'm happy to see the show end on its own terms. I feel like the ending was perfect and there is no further need to continue with the story. As far as I'm concerned, I got the closure I needed to move on. It's been a good 5 years watching this show for me and it will always have a special place in my heart. May it one day get the recognition it deserves, and may the cast and writers find more good work. I look forward to their future contributions.

Quote of the finale: "Sure. Everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone, if you help someone, or love someone. If even a single person remembers you. Then maybe you never really die at all"

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