Monday TV Ratings: Fireworks Beat Burnoffs

The Bachelorette (R) - 0.4
Mistresses - 0.5
Mom (R) - 0.6

2 Broke Girls (R) - 0.7
Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular - 0.8
Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular - 1.5
Macy's Fourt of July Fireworks Spectacular (R) - 1.1
So You Think You Can Dance (R) - 0.4
Houdini and Doyle (F) - 0.4

iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party - 0.2
Whose Line Is It Anyway (R) - 0.2

Whose Line Is It Anyway (R) - 0.3

On a Fourth of July night, the real winner was over on NBC with Macy's Fourth of Julyl Fireworks Spectacular (1.5) pulling in solid numbers and easily topping the night even a repeat at 10 (1.1) dominated, in a distant second was CBS's Boston Pops  Fireworks Spectacular (0.8) leading out of repeats of Mom (0.6) and 2 Broke Girls (0.7). Those firework shows crushed the  burnoffs which included Mistressess (0.5) which crashed to a new low leading out of a repeat of The Bachelorette (0.4), and the Houdini and Doyle finale (0.4) on FOX which tied it's last airing after a So You Think You Can Dance repeat (0.4). While Houdini and Doyle is basically done, Mistresses will continue airing new episodes, but considering the schedule arrangment and low ratings, it's likely not coming back. The CW went with an iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party (0.2), but they forgot to give out invitations, and repeats of Whose Line Is It Anyway (0.2/0.3) which increased in the second half hour. 

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