New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2016 - Kevin Can Wait

This feature examines what may cause a show to do well or poorly. We are now moving on to CBS.
Today, I will list which factors may cause Kevin Can Wait to do well or poorly.

What May Cause Kevin Can Wait to be a Hit?

Kevin James
Nine years after his last CBS sitcom ended, James is returning to the network for another. The King of Queens was successful enough to last nine seasons, and since the end of the show, James has starred in films such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Grown Ups, both of which earned sequels. He is a popular enough actor that he could bring a significant audience with him.

Large lead-in at the start
Before it moves to Thursday again, The Big Bang Theory will be the lead-in for Kevin Can Wait. This may cause people to discover that they like the show, despite not having any intention of watching it already.

Most liked sitcom trailer on the network
According to the trailer-watching article, Kevin Can Wait's trailer was more liked than the trailers of Man with a Plan or The Great Indoors. This could mean that it will rate better, and as a result be more successful.

What May Cause Kevin Can Wait to be a Miss for CBS?

Must self-start starting with episode 6
After five weeks of a nice big lead-in, Kevin Can Wait will have to prove itself completely on its own, with a lead-in of local programming, and a lead-out of Man with a Plan, a new comedy that premieres the week that Kevin Can Wait moves to 8:00.

Less liked trailer than most sitcoms of other networks
While the 79 like/dislike ratio that Kevin Can Wait's trailer earned beats out the other CBS new comedies, it falls behind most of the sitcoms from the other networks. Of those, it only beats American Housewife. Maybe Kevin Can Wait is just the best off of a group of doomed shows. That information can be found here.

What to Expect for Kevin Can Wait?

I think that the factors of Kevin James's popularity, and the large lead-in at the start will have very minor affects on the show, and while I think that the fact that it had the most liked sitcom trailer on the network will have some affect, I think that will be small in comparison to the affects of how it will have to self-start and that the CBS sitcom trailers were just not very well liked in general. I expect it to start out well in the first couple of weeks, but get mediocre-to-low, ratings by the end of November.

Which factors do you think will be most in play in causing Kevin Can Wait to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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