New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2016 - Bull

This feature examines what may cause a show to do well or poorly. This article looks at CBS's Bull, listing factors that may cause it to do well or poorly.

What May Cause Bull to be a Hit?

NCIS lead-in
Of the new dramas on CBS this season, Bull gets the largest lead-in. In fact, its lead-in is the highest-rated drama on the network. This will likely bring viewers to Bull.

Mostly on-brand for CBS
While most of the successful CBS dramas are police procedurals,this legal procedural shouldn't be too far away from standard for the network.

Michael Weatherly
The series stars former NCIS cast member Michael Weatherly, and as NCIS is the highest rated drama on the network, he is sure to have some fans who would be willing to tune in,

Most liked trailer of CBS new shows
The trailer for Bull was the most liked out of any of the trailers for CBS's new fall shows. Its 89 like/dislike ratio beats out all of the others, which range from 83 to 46. That information can be found here.

What May Cause Bull to be a Miss for CBS?

Lack of success for non-spin-off dramas on CBS
This season, CBS renewed Code Black, which got fairly poor ratings, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, a spin-off of Criminal Minds, out of all of their new dramas. The previous season, they renewed NCIS: New Orleans, a NCIS spin-off, CSI: Cyber, a CSI spin-off, and Scorpion, really the only successful show on CBS recently to not be a spin-off. Will Bull be able to become a Scorpion?

Tuesdays difficult for CBS shows not named NCIS
Last season, Limitless started out strong, but ended up crashing on Tuesdays. Before that, in its timeslot, many shows have met their death. Golden Boy, Vegas, and Unforgettable were all canceled after airing there, while Person of Interest did decently there for a couple of seasons, but ended up getting a late spring/early summer short final season following that. While the timeslot Bull will occupy hasn't had any issues in recent seasons, it has also only been home to NCIS spin-offs, first NCIS: Los Angeles, then NCIS: New Orleans.

What to Expect for Bull?

I think that the factor that will have the largest affect by itself will be the lack of success for non-spin-offs, but I think that all of the positive factors will work together to give the show acceptable ratings. I think it will be a weaker show than Scorpion, but a stronger one than Limitless.

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