List of 2015 New Fall Shows by Their Twitter Followers--Volume Two

The Ratings Junkie Tuesday, July 05, 2016
Back before the season began I looked at the new 2015 fall TV shows and reported their approximate Twitter followers. I wanted to revisit that to see where they are today. Take a look and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Let me start off by saying that Twitter followers aren't always directly coordinated to how popular a show will become. However, I do believe that we can use this numbers to get at least a good RELATIVE idea of how a show will do with the younger A18-34 demographic.


  1. The Muppets: 17K
  2. Quantico: 8.8K
  3. Blood & Oil: 3.5K
  4. Wicked City: 2.4K
  5. Dr Ken: 1.7K
  1. Quantico: 99.2K
  2. The Muppets: 39.5K
  3. Blood & Oil: 22.9K
  4. Wicked City: 22.1K
  5. Dr Ken: 20.9K
As is seen, the only placement movement is in the top two, where Quantico overtakes The Muppets as ABC's most-followed-on-Twitter fall 2015 series (and by a lot too). Other than that, everything grew in followers but to by and large the same extent. What is interesting is how Dr Ken lags behind three canceled shows, one of which was quickly pulled from the schedule. This indicates to me that its audience skews slightly older (as the ratings already show), or perhaps it is one that many people watch casually but don't feel invested enough to follow the show on Twitter. Either way, an interesting statistic that shows that Twitter followers doesn't necessarily correlate directly to a show's success. Also, though I didn't include midseason shows here: shoutout to Of Kings and Prophets for crossing the 2K followers mark.


  1. Supergirl: 32.1K
  2. Angel from Hell: 5.4K
  3. Limitless: 1.4K
  4. Life in Pieces: 1.2K
  5. Code Black: .9K

  1. Supergirl: 201K
  2. Limitless: 24.6K
  3. Code Black: 19.4K
  4. Angel from Hell: 12.4K
  5. Life in Pieces: 7.4K
Lots of movement here. Once again, what is most noticeable is how Life in Pieces came in last place, even to a show pulled from the schedule, despite being the highest-rated of the bunch. Perhaps The Big Bang Theory really is propelling it to heights it wouldn't come close to seeing without that time slot. We'll have to see come this winter. Limitless and Code Black both saw upward movements, though that didn't mean much for the former, while Angel from Hell never really did catch on.


  1. Scream Queens: 113K
  2. Grandfathered: 4.6K
  3. Minority Report: 2.3K
  4. The Grinder: 1.7K
  5. Rosewood: 1.1K
  1. Scream Queens: 362K
  2. Grandfathered: 18.2K
  3. Rosewood: 12.4K
  4. The Grinder: 12.2K
  5. Minority Report: 9.5K
You would have thought Scream Queens was the biggest show in the world with those kind of numbers, but in reality it's a fractional L+SD performer. Luckily for the network it sees leaps and bounds of growth when other means are taken into account (like C3 boosts and apparently streaming). As for the rest of the class, canceled Grandfathered managed to stay above renewed Rosewood, but thankfully for the latter it didn't come behind DOA Minority Report or The Grinder. 


  1. Heroes Reborn: 68.8K
  2. Chicago Med: 13.4K
  3. Blindspot: 4.4K
  4. The Player: 3.1K
  5. Best Time Ever: 2.6K
  6. Truth Be Told: .45K (so, 451)

  1. Heroes Reborn: 106K
  2. Chicago Med: 62.6K
  3. Blindspot: 61.5K
  4. Best Time Ever: 24.2K
  5. The Player: 9.7K
  6. Truth Be Told: 2.4K
Well, that's quite an awkward list. The #1 show was canceled, and just look at that gap in between Blindspot and The Player, the #3 and #4 scripted fall shows on NBC when it comes to Twitter followers. Also, Chicago Med and Blindspot TODAY don't even have as many Twitter followers as canceled Heroes Reborn had pre-premiere. Seems like there was interest in the Heroes revival that waned over time, but people forgot to unfollow the account when it got canceled. On the bright side for NBC, Blindspot really closed to gap to be a strong #3. 

The CW

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: .54K
  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 13.2K

For what it's worth, this one didn't even come in last place amongst renewed fall 2015 new shows; it beat Rosewood and Life in Pieces. Though the young-skewing nature of its network definitely played a role in that. Kind of unimpressive when you look at Jane the Virgin's 108K followers, but it's a start.

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