Wednesday TV Ratings: Pines Flat, Brother Inches Down

The Goldbergs (R)/The Goldbergs (R) - 0.6/0.6
Modern Family (R)/Black-Ish (R) - 0.8/0.6
Republican National   Convention - 0.5
Big Brother - 1.7
American Gothic - 0.6
Republican National Convention - 0.4
America's Got Talent - 2.2
Republican National Convention - 1.3
Masterchef - 1.2
Wayward Pines - 0.7

Penn and Teller: Fool Us - 0.3
Whose Line Is It Anyway?/Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R) - 0.3/0.3

There wasn't much ratings news on Day 3 of the RNC. The big winner was NBC as
America's Got Talent (2.2) had another strong outing. CBS's Big Brother (1.7) inched down
and American Gothic (0.6) got a whirl with a Big Brother lead-in but could only inch up.
FOX had Masterchef (1.2) and Wayward Pines (0.7) stay even pending adjustments.
ABC had double repeats of The Goldbergs (0.6/0.6) which did markedly worse then
what it usually did with The Middle, Modern Family (0.8) and Black-Ish (0.6) repeats
followed. And The CW had more Penn and Teller: Fool Us (0.3) and Whose Line
Is It Anyway? (0.3) followed by a repeat of itself (0.3), all inched down from last week.
On the RNC, day 3 saw NBC (1.3) jump three tenths thanks to a strong America's Got
Talent lead-in. ABC (0.5) stayed even, and CBS (0.4) got even worse. 

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