Preacher S1E9 Review

Everyone has a dark side. Nice to see Emily has one too. But damn girl, you Psycho.

S1E9 'Finish the Song'


After getting arrested by the sheriff, Jesse escapes on the way to jail and goes into hiding under a bridge. Meanwhile, Tulip puts Emily in charge of feeding Cassidy while she goes to kill Carlos. Emily decides to kill 2 birds with one stone by calling Miles the mayor to Tulip's house and traps him in a room with a deranged and blood hungry Cassidy. Jesse comes to the house to get Tulip's help but finds Cassidy and gets threatened by him, but they both reconcile and together they get rid of all the bodies Cassidy had drained. Cassidy also decides to help Jesse find God while Tulip finds Carlos.

Meanwhile the Angels leave their motel to go to hell, leaving the decapitated Seraph to be found by the sheriff, who kills her out of mercy but unknowingly allows her to be resurrected to complete her mission. In hell, the Angels find the Cowboy, who has been stuck inside a cruel time loop. The Angels offer the Cowboy a chance to leave hell in exchange for killing Jesse, an offer the Cowboy seems happy to accept.

I loved the interactions of the Angels in the travel agency and on their way to hell. They were my favourite characters in this episode. After them is Emily who took us all by surprise when she led the mayor to his demise while remaining normal soon after. It felt good to see Cassidy again, despite remaining in a mutilated state thanks to his burn, but at least he has his sense of humour. Jesse's phone call to Tulip was really sweet but it's a shame she didn't respond to him seeing how she was busy with Carlos. Now that the Cowboy is coming to town, I'm having a good feeling about the finale, especially since this was a great setup episode

Quote of the week: "You pulled me out, that's what matters"

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