Thursday TV Ratings: Bots Crash, Bones Finale Down

Battlebots - 0.7
Greatest Hits - 0.7
Republican National   Convention - 0.7
The Big Bang Theory (R)/Life In Pieces (R) - 1.3/1.1
Big Brother - 1.7
Republican National Convention - 0.7
Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge (F) - 0.9
Republican National Convention - 1.1
Bones (F) - 0.8
Home Free - 0.4

Legends of Tomorrow (R) - 0.2
Beauty and the Beast - 0.2

On the last day of the RNC, there were a lot of low results. ABC's Battlebots (0.7)
returned down two tenths after two weeks off, and Greatest Hits (0.7) declined along
with it. CBS had repeats of The Big Bang Theory (1.3) and Life In Pieces (1.1), followed
by Big Brother (1.7) down two tenths. NBC had a 2-hour Spartan finale (0.9) do in line
with usual airings, and it's 0.8/1.0 breakdown is favorable. FOX had the Bones finale
(0.8) down a tenth while Home Free (0.4) has reached pull-me-now numbers. And
The CW had a repeat of Legends of Tomorrow and more Beauty and The Beast (0.2).
The last day of RNC saw ABC (0.7) and CBS (0.7) significantly grow up two and 
three tenths respectively. NBC (1.1) was up a tenth, but could adjust down in finals,
but looked more impressive considering it was leading out of low-rated Spartan instead
of a powerhouse like America's Got Talent, next week the DNC makes it's return. 

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