UnREAL S2E7 Review

Hey folks! For this review, I decided to do a live review of this week's episode. Here we go!

2x07 - "Ambush"
In the first 15 minutes, it gets sexy. Adam attempts to seduce Rachel.

Coleman stands up to Quinn. This is great.

The contestants pitch an idea to Darius for a date. He picks Chantal, but he is still pissed at Rachel for the Alabama incident.

Date foiled. Romeo's back, and together, Darius and Romeo take Yael and Tiffany out for a spin. I don't think it's going to end well as Rachel calls the police. 

Just witnessed a police brutality scene. Romeo has been shot by a cop. 

Through the course of the aftermath, Jay confronts Rachel. Blood on your hands is a pretty interesting quote for the night. Coleman and Rachel have theirs.

Rachel at the end was placed in the psych ward. I don't know what to think. 

This concludes the live review. Here are some detailed thoughts. 

With the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle, as well as the deaths of five Dallas police officers plus three from Baton Rouge, this episode honestly shouldn't have aired. However, I appreciate that Lifetime put a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode about police and gun violence. The scene where Romeo gets shot was emotionally traumatizing. I got to admit, the show is not afraid to push the envelope. The aftermath is portrayed beautifully. I think Jay is showing his potential as a character for confronting Rachel. It struck a nerve with me. It wasn't anyone's story to tell, but it happens in the news a lot. 

I loved this episode for how dark the subject matter in tonight's episode is. Although I thought it was polarizing, what UnREAL is doing is shining a light on how relevant the subject matter is. 

Grade: A

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