Preacher S1E6 Review

As a young lad, I was always told to think before I speak. Jesse should have done the same.

S1E6 'Sundowner'


The angels finally tell Jesse about Genesis, though not at their own volition. They then get chased by a Seraph, one of God's high ranking angels who is after Deblanc and Fiore for not responding to the phone. The angels take Jesse to their motel room for safety but are found by the Seraph who engages them in one of the craziest fight scenes I've seen so far. I had a lot of deja vu while watching this fight and I soon realised that it was reminiscent of the Daredevil hallway battle.

Sadly the rest of the episode wasn't as engaging. The rest of the episode focused on Jesse's decision to keep Genesis while Tulip becomes friends with Emily. That's all swell, but the ending really shocked me as Jesse accidentally told Eugene to go to hell and he literally goes there.

It's funny how just as Preacher had set itself up as a slow paced show, it gives us an episode like this. It's times like these I appreciate the unexpected. But I still felt the rest of the episode paled in comparison to the beginning, but it was still pretty good as it focused on character development. We've seen how Jesse's decision has bit him in the butt, now let's see how bad the bite is.

Quote of the week: "Now look, I'm no one to back down from losing a fight, or making a bad decision. But there's asking for trouble and there's bloody begging for it"

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