New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2016 - No Tomorrow

This feature examines what may cause a show to do well or poorly. Resuming again after the holiday weekend, we are moving on to the CW, to see what may cause its shows to succeed or fail.

What May Cause No Tomorrow to be a Hit?

Strong lead-in
Of all of the CW's many returning shows, The Flash is the highest rated. No Tomorrow is lucky enough to be the show that gets to follow The Flash. iZombie aired after The Flash during the spring of 2015 and for most of the 2015-16 season, and it is currently entering its third season.

Jane the Virgin critical success
No Tomorrow and Jane the Virgin share more than just comedy-drama genre, they come from the same creators. Jane is loved by critics, and it was nominated for a Golden Globe. Will that critical success come to No Tomorrow as well?

CW doesn't cancel new fall shows
The last fall show on the CW to get canceled was The Tomorrow People, which aired in the 2013-14 season. The CW's only new show cancellations from the last two seasons are shows that didn't even premiere until April--Containment and The Messengers.

What May Cause No Tomorrow to be a Miss for the CW?

Less watched and liked than Frequency
The trailer for No Tomorrow got less views than the other new fall show on the CW, Frequency. Additionally, the like/dislike ratio is lower for No Tomorrow than Frequency, 86 versus 97. That information can be found here,

Incompatible lead-in
While The Flash is a large lead-in, it isn't a compatible one. As time went on, we saw how its lead-in had less and less of an effect on iZombie, and with No Tomorrow it is likely to have even less of an effect. The Flash is a superhero show with a male lead, iZombie is a show from DC Comics with a female lead, and No Tomorrow is a romantic comedy-drama.

What to Expect for No Tomorrow?

I think it will get mediocre ratings, a little worse than iZombie did, and earn a partial backorder. I think that critical response will determine if it gets one season or four seasons.

Which factors do you think will be most in play in causing No Tomorrow to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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