Sporcle Quizzes of the Week- Editor Picked Quizzes Edition/ Sporcle Contest #4 (UPDATED)

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Sporcle Quizzes of the week! I've got three more great quizzes for you, so let's get started!

#1 Board Games Based on TV Shows

I discovered this quiz today while searching for some good quizzes to showcase, and I decided to change this week's theme just to include it. I am the board games curator on Sporcle, so I really liked this. It combined two things that I love. Unfortunately, the Television editor found this before me, so I didn't get the chance to give a Curator Pick to it.
# of Questions: 24
My Score: 19
Correction: The initial version of this article incorrectly listed the number of questions as 25. It is actually 24.
#2 Nielsen Ratings Slideshow

I thought this would be fitting for us to play. It's an interesting quiz that I've never seen this gone before, and it was really interesting. I found the older shows especially difficult, and I only got a handful of them.
# of Questions: 66
My score: 35

#3 Odd Buddy Cop TV Shows

This is a quiz that I've loved since the start. It was really a unique idea and it was done quite well. I especially loved the nice mix of well-known shows (Sherlock; Murder, She Wrote) and less well-known shows (iZombie; Forever). As shown in the results, it's a pretty difficult quiz. Only 0.8% have gotten them all, and the average is 45%. I tend to prefer harder quizzes over very easy ones, and this is no exception.
# of Questions: 30
My score: 21

Once again, it is time for the contest. Here's what you need to do to enter:
1) Play all three quizzes.
2) Comment your score on each quiz in the comments.
On Wednesday, I will post the results of the Contest.
I hope that you have enjoyed this post (And the quizzes). I'll be back in one week with yet another installment.

If you missed it, here's the unpublished quizzes edition.
And here's the Inaugural Edition.
And the qlh27 Edition.

1) JB- 94 Points
2) The Middle of Nashville- 83
3) Andrew- 78 Points
4)Full Boyle- 55 Points
This is the fourth week of the 1st TVRG-Sporcle Tournament. For each week, the winner of the week gets a varying amount of points, depending of how many people participated. If 5 people participate, the winner gets 4 point, if 6 participate, the winner gets 5 points, etc. For each place lower, the point increment drops by one point. At the end of 10 weeks, the person with the most points will win.

Tournament Standings:
1) The Middle of Nashville- 15 Points
2) JB- 12 Points
2) Andrew- 10 Points
4) Full Boyle- 3 Points
5) HV- 2 Points
6) theratingsjunkie- 0 Points

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