Preacher S1E5 Review

When will people learn to take Uncle Ben's advice seriously?

S1E5 'South Will Rise Again'

In the 19th century, the Cowboy comes to the town of Ratwater to buy some medicine. While he waits at a tavern, he runs into some problems which end with his horse getting shot. He then walks all the way back home to find his wife and daughter dead and sets out for revenge.

Back in the present day, Jesse is enjoying much success thanks to his stunt with Quincannon. He new found confidence even makes him help Eugene with dealing with the hate he constantly receives. But this still enrages Tulip who has started to bond with Cassidy after the events of the previous episode. Donnie also shows up in the episode and is shown to have PTSD after getting controlled by Jesse in episode 3.

Meanwhile, the angels are wondering about how to handle the phone call from heaven but just before they can answer it, the phone stops ringing. This prompts them to take matters into their own hands instead of dealing with Cassidy. They go to the diner where Jesse has been hanging around using his power on his followers and they tell him that the creature within Jesse is dangerous and it is not a God. To prove how serious they are, we the audience are then treated to a scene where Quincannon murders some people from Green acres despite being under Jesse's influence.

I'm not sure what's up with the Cowboy story but it's still interesting enough to keep me invested. Considering how they bumped Donnie up to a main character before the show premiered, I have a feeling he's going to be very important in the upcoming episodes. Not sure how to feel about Tulip  screwing Cassidy. I still don't understand why she robbed a drug store for him.
 Anyways,I'm glad that Jesse finally met the angels. It makes me feel like the story is now gonna go somewhere.

Quote of the week: "Please don't screw Russell in accounting"

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