UnREAL S2E5 Review

To be honest, I do not know where to begin with this review. This episode was practically unexpected.

2x05 - "Infiltration"
Rachel and Quinn continue to go at it this episode, but unlike all the other reviews I have done, I'm only going to give the most shocking parts of the episode.

Ruby and Darius's escapade on the overnight date was interrupted when Quinn manages to get Ruby's father. Then Rachel brings the camera and films the entire confrontation. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for her, as she gets sent home, along with Dominique, who exposes Hot Rachel for sleeping with a crew member. Ouch. Honestly, that is pretty cringeworthy.

Then after the elimination, Rachel gets attacked by a drunken Jeremy, who gets sucker-punched by Chet. To be honest, that was entirely uncalled for.

This episode definitely brings another reason to hate Quinn at the moment, but from next week's episode, it looks like things will change. Stay tuned!

However, this episode could've been better. People are going to get tired of the Rachel and Quinn feud pretty fast. Also, the way Ruby was treated was definitely uncalled for. For the half way point, it definitely brings a high point psychologically. Still a good episode nonetheless.

Grade: B+

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