Wayward Pines S2E9 Review

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A fairly disappointing season thus far prepares for its conclusion next week. Read on for my thoughts on the penultimate episode of the second season of Wayward Pines.

S2E9 "Walcott Prep"

This episode provides more Wayward Pines backstory, which means an appearance from Toby Jones, which is always a good thing. It chronicles the story of Jason's birth, which takes a surprising twist. It was a very shocking twist. Flashback continues to reveal a more nervous Jason when Kerry awakes.

Theo invites Xander to overthrow Jason; it's about time! This story has been way too slow moving. Jason finally has a decent idea, however, when he suggests that the people of Wayward Pines go to sleep again. CJ steps up to calm the town, a role he is very good at. I wish his character had received more development and focus, all he really got was the flashbacks in episode seven.

Things get interesting when it is revealed that only a certain number of people can be put into suspension. This is a typical thing for a show to do, but it does provide good drama. The 100 did this very well, and Wayward Pines could have in season one, but I doubt it can in season two. That is, until I witnessed Jason Patric's excellent performance.

Theo gets into Kerry's head in probably the best scene of the season. Jason Patric is really proving himself this week in his performance. Jason discovers who is mother is, and it turns out Kerry has no idea. An unexpected death ends the episode, setting up well for the finale.

This was easily the best episode of the season, with well-placed twists, excellent acting from Jason Patric, and a great ending to the episode. If only the rest of the season had been like this episode instead of just seemingly wasting time.

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