Sporcle Quizzes of the Week/ Sporcle Contest #1 UPDATED

Hi and welcome to a new feature, the Sporcle Quizzes of the week. In this feature, I will showcase three Sporcle quizzes from the Television category that I really enjoyed. Let's begin!

#1 25 Years of Television Endings

This is a quiz that I created, and it is a part of a series. This is my favorite of the series, and I was fortunate enough to get it published, as well as a few others. I tried to include shows that are very popular and some that are rarely used on Sporcle.
# of Questions: 25
My Score: N/A

#2 Heartbreaking TV Moments

This quiz was featured today, and it is one that I really enjoyed. It's a tearjerker, but it's really a great quiz. I really liked that the creator used some shows that aren't usually used in Sporcle quizzes.
# of Questions: 20
My Score: 18/20

#3 TV Chain on TV

This is one of the most clever quizzes that I've ever seen. It is both creative and fun. The creator chose some great actors and TV shows for the quiz. I am a Sporcle curator, and I immediately gave this quiz a Curator Pick. It is one of my favorite quizzes that I've ever given a Curator Pick to. I hope that there are many, many more.
# of Questions: 14
My Score: 12/14

Now that you have seen my picks of the week, it is time for the TV Ratings Guide Sporcle Contest. Here's what you need to do to enter:
1) Play all three quizzes.
2) Comment your score on each quiz in the comments
In three days (Friday), I will post the results of the Contest.
I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'll be back in one week with another installment.

Winner- The Middle of Nashville: 50 Points
2nd (Tie) JB: 49 Points
2nd (Tie) Andrew: 49 Points
4th- Full Boyle: 32 Points
5th- HV: 29 Points

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