Preacher S1E8 Review

Seriously? I got fight clubbed again? What is with this weird trend?

S1E8 'El Valero'


[Note: If you have not seen Fight Club, I suggest you do not continue from this point due to spoilers. Also, watch the movie, it's awesome]

After refusing to sign the contract, Quincannon puts Jesse under a siege, trapping Jesse inside the church, but Jesse manages to keep Quincannon's men away with a sniper rifle. The siege soon becomes a spectacle for the residents of Annville, as they start having a picnic outside the church. Emily finds out about this from the mayor and runs to Jesse but is stopped. The mayor tells her that tearing down the church, Quincannon plans to build a mall which could help Annville's economy but she doesn't appear to be convinced.

Inside the church, Jesse sees Eugene rise out of the hole he disappeared into and gets him a glass of water while apologising to him. He soon realises that Eugene is just a hallucination after Eugene talks about the angel's motel, something Jesse never told Eugene. Seeing how Eugene manifested out of his guilt, Jesse calls the angels and asks them to remove Genesis out of him. After successfully transferring Genesis back into its can, Genesis breaks free and goes back into Jesse. Realising that they cannot do anything else, the angels walk out, leaving Jesse all alone. The siege ends when Donnie sneaks into the church and ambushes Jesse. Jesse tries to use Genesis but it doesn't work because Donnie blew out his hearing to avoid being controlled. Jesse is then forced to sign the contract, but asks Quincannon for one more Sunday at the church and promises to bring god to town. Though no formal answer is given, Jesse is arrested and taken away by the sheriff.
Lastly, Tulip adopts a dog and takes care of it for a day before giving it to Cassidy who uses it to heal from his burns. I'm sure all dog lovers cringed at this horrific sacrifice.

Regarding Fight Club, I got a little annoyed with Jesse's hallucination. When Mr Robot pulled that stunt, I was shocked I liked the way they handled it, but when Vinyl did the same thing, I figured it out 20 minutes into that episode and thought it was poorly executed. But the Eugene twist was good as the reveal occurred very early in the episode, hence the reason i didn't figure it out. But what annoyed me was that seeing it so much on Tv now feels a bit repetitive. But it didn't hinder my enjoyment of this episode. The episode did well to set up the last 2 episodes while also providing Quincannon's back story, which was pretty gruesome. I loved how the siege wasn't taken too seriously, made it seem more enjoyable. But now I'm curious as to how Jesse brings god to the church. Just like how he didn't show up in Lucifer, I bet he doesn't show up yet on this show either. I mean, it took Supernatural around 10 years before they officially revealed God so who knows when he will actually appear on Preacher.

Quote of the week: "It's not that far"

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