Wayward Pines S2E8 Review

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Wayward Pines's underwhelming second season is nearing its end, with only two more episodes left following this one.

S2E8 "Pass Judgement"

Kerry and Theo talk, and she becomes upset when she discovers that she can't have children, because she wanted to do her part. I would love to see more personality in her character, I'm really not sure if she's a typical conformist or wants to be free of this life. Everyone searches for the female abby when they discover she has escaped, but she is long gone.

The abby attacks a man in front of his house, which is sad because his family can hear and see. Everyone seems to go through the woods to get everyone, which is odd. A team meets that is lead by Rebecca, and this includes a hilarious moment with Arlene. I really wish we got more Arlene moments. There is a great scene between Rebecca and Kerry, where she says not to be defined by Wayward Pines.

Theo mediates a situation, where he says that this town and system aren't working. Hopefully we'll go further with that idea and soon. Rebecca finds out how the abby got in, because Rebecca is awesome, Also, I almost laughed out loud at Kerry's face when Xander said the abbies can dig, Adam follows the female abby, and she keeps the other abbies from attacking him. It felt like they could really have put more into this episode.

This episode had some better moments, but still lacked. Overall, it was an alright episode.

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