Sunday TV Ratings: Pyramid Down, Brother Tops The Night

Celebrity Family Feud (R) - 0.8
Celebrity Family Feud - 1.6
The $100,000 Pyramid - 1.5
Match Game - 1.2
60 Minutes - 0.8
Big Brother - 1.8
Madam Secretary (R) - 0.4
Elementary (R) - 0.3
Dateline NBC (R) - 0.7
Hollywood Game Night (R) - 0.4
American Ninja Warrior (R) - 0.8
The Simpsons (R)/Bob’s Burgers (R) - 0.4/0.5
The Simpsons (R)/Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R) - 0.6/0.5
Family Guy (R)/The Last Man on Earth (R) - 0.7/0.4

On a night of mostly repeats, CBS's Big Brother (1.8) topped the night up a tenth from last week sandwiched with 60 Minutes (0.8) which got no help from a Trump interview, and alaramingly low repeats of Madam Secretary (0.4) and Elementary (0.3). ABC had a Celebrity Family Feud repeat (0.8) followed by Celebrity Family Feud (1.5) which was even, but The $100,000 Pyramid (1.4) was down a tenth and lost to Feud for the first time, at least Match Game (1.2) was even. NBC had a repeat of Dateline NBC (0.7), a low rated repeat of Hollywood Game Night (0.4) and a better rated repeat of American Ninja Warrior (0.8). And FOX unleashed more comedy repeats, but at least this time they fared better with The Simpsons (0.4), Bob's Burgers (0.5), The Simpsons (0.6), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.5), Family Guy (0.7), and The Last Man on Earth (0.4). 

Finals Update: ABC looked even better when Celebrity Family Feud (1.6) adjusted up to tie it's season high, and The $100,000 Pyramid (1.5) adjusted up to tie last week's number.

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